The Search Process

The Mechanics of What We Do

It's no surprise that a detailed recruiting and selection process, when practiced by a highly experienced senior consultant, yields consistently superior results. What follows is an overview of the methodology that’s been producing top leaders for our clients since 1989.

Defining the Role, Ideal Candidate and Attractors

Targeting Our Quarry

The initial meeting with you focuses on gaining a thorough understanding of the position’s scope, challenges and key performance objectives; developing the Success Profile for the ideal candidate (the most predictive variables including core competencies, experiences, education, and behavioral traits); understanding your business strategies, management issues, corporate culture, and employment brand; and, developing a comprehensive list of the compelling factors which will attract high performance leaders.

The Hunt

Scouting Out the Best of Breed

We review knowledge gained from similar past projects and research the candidate universe using our database. After crafting the search plan, we make approach calls to candidates for an initial evaluation and to generate an interest level. We then schedule face-to-face assessment meetings with the highest priority candidates and use an interview approach targeted to the Success Profile, which provides key insights into such factors as career accomplishments and set-backs, technical acumen, decision-making, problem solving, innovation, leadership style, change agency, and the like.

The Decision

Choosing the One You Love the Most

We provide comprehensive Confidential Candidate Profiles and review each individual’s mix of professional and personal attributes with you and then schedule a short list of the most appealing executives for personal interviews with you. Having spent hours getting to know each of them gives us potent insights into their career goals, financial parameters, personal situations, and concerns. We’re well-positioned to give essential perspective to both parties and to influence a positive outcome with the chosen executive without the hassle of last minute barriers.

Minding the Details

Finalizing the Deal

We perform background checks and verify compensation and education on the finalist candidate and help you in framing a competitive offer package to produce a win for both parties. We guide the candidate through the resignation process to ensure an uneventful departure. During and after the on-boarding process, we continue to stay in contact with you and the new executive to monitor the success of the arrangement.