Firm Metrics

Our Report Card

Being seen by our corporate clients and candidates as an elite firm requires that we consistently nail certain objective performance measures that translate into tangible benefits to you. Here's our record:

Thoroughness and Results Pay Off

Eighty-five percent of our search projects come from current clients and their referrals and from past candidates who've experienced our process and want that level of thoroughness brought to bear on their key openings. This confidence constitutes the ultimate recognition of our performance and compatibility.

A Powerful Database Means Speed and Accuracy

We've developed a proprietary electronic database of over 41,000 P&C executives. This tool helps immensely to rapidly target high-potential candidates and reliable networking partners to get a new project moving quickly.

Tenure and Brand Name Maximize Influence

Nine of every 10 executives we place were not in the job market when we first contacted them about our search. These are busy people who are generally disinterested in communicating about job opportunities. Our longstanding reputation gets us access to them and the time to convey the value in exploring your proposition.

Efficiency and Accuracy Saves You Time and Money

Understanding a client's vision of the ideal executive and then delivering only on-point candidates for consideration is a key metric of a search firm's effectiveness. Our ratio of short-list candidate interviews to placements is 3:1, a rare achievement in our industry, which saves our clients significant time and expense in the interviewing process. Because of the quality of our screening, it's not uncommon for clients to make an immediate offer to the first candidate they meet or even to hire more than 1 of the candidates presented.

Making Matches that Endure

Our three year stick-rate of placed candidates approaches 100%.