Employment Branding

Your Image in the Candidate Marketplace

Most companies spend considerable time and marketing money promoting their products to potential customers. The most perceptive of those companies also realize the value of their “employment brand”, which is the perceptions potential candidates have about work life with them. Those perceptions, accurate or not, are built from a myriad of current and past factors and situations. For candidates, perceptions equal reality.

Your employment brand directly impacts your ability to attract the best people and to maximize the ROI from your human capital. Candidate opinions about your company are formed through the news media, industry scuttlebutt, websites, social media, blogs, etc. More direct input comes from relationships with your competitors, vendors, current and former employees, and other candidates who have experienced your recruiting process, for better or worse. It's essential for you to engineer an efficient and effective recruiting and selection process that meets the tandem goals of attracting and accurately assessing the best talent while delivering an exceptionally good experience to all candidates.

It’s important that we know your organization so well that we can clearly articulate your employee value proposition to gain interest from candidates. We also must be able to defuse any outdated or inaccurate negative information about you in order to give candidates an accurate picture of you.