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Perspectives on the Power of Your People

One characteristic that the most dominant Fortune 500 companies have in common is exceptionally talented leaders and employees. Not to underestimate the importance of such things as capital, technology, products and processes, but today your most important resource is the people who optimize those competitive advantages. There's a significant performance differential between an “A” level player and less-gifted executives.

Getting Talent Acquisition Right

Competition for that elite group of the best performers is intense because they have temptations thrown at them constantly and tend to become jaded. And despite the hype about the use of internet-based recruiting through websites, social networking and the like, executive recruiting is still a contact sport! Busy executives don’t bother with internet or email distractions. We have access to them and the persuasive skills to engage them in discussions about a strategic career change.

Making perceptive choices when hiring people provides an incredibly important competitive advantage. Making the right call on a new executive produces wonderful results while bad calls have a devastating and lasting impact. We give decision-makers the deep background information on each candidate’s accomplishments, competencies and psychological make-up to help them solve the puzzle. We’re proud when clients and candidates say that we’re the most thorough consultants they’ve ever encountered.

A Word About Hidden Acquisition Costs

Savvy companies know that executive time spent in the interviewing process is the largest single variable in the acquisition cost equation. An hour of a senior leader’s time easily reaches into five figures (i.e., cost of the leader's total compensation, employment taxes and benefits plus the leveraged value of time spent building revenues or reducing expenses). Add in the expense of the other executives on an interview panel and the financial wisdom of not having to meet a large number of candidates to make a great hire becomes quite clear. Our 3:1 ratio of short list candidates to hire puts money back on your bottom line.