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Being Well-Connected

The vast majority of executives placed by retained search firms were not actively in the job market. Although satisfied with their current situations, they realize that an unexpected opportunity elsewhere may bring fresh challenges, accelerated career growth and financial rewards. Whether you’re in that group or have made the decision to actively seek out a faster track, we’re glad to know you. After all, opportunity finds those who are networked and visible.

We want you to know that we take seriously the responsibility of making solid matches between candidates and client companies. You have a lot at stake professionally, financially and personally, and we want you to be in the right environment. You’ll find us to be very detailed in our evaluative process which translates to a time commitment from you if you become a candidate in one of our searches.

We also spend significant time making sure candidates and clients are well-prepared for their meetings. We see interviews as being two-way exchanges of information which allow each party to make a fully informed decision. There should be no surprises along the way.

Being involved in a job search carries some inherent risks to you. We’ll be discreet in our contacts with you and make every effort to protect your need for confidentiality.

If you’d like to send us your resume and initiate a conversation, please go to our Contact Us page.

We look forward to getting acquainted.