Why Hire a Boutique Firm?

High Touch, High Performance

There are some very important advantages that niche boutiques have over the larger and more generalized recruiting firms.

The Size of the Pool Matters

First of all, boutiques like Burkholder Group have a much larger candidate pool from which to recruit. Why? Because many large firms do business with a third or more of the Top 100 insurance carriers in the nation and must honor a “hands-off” posture with them. Since boutique firms maintain a smaller client list, they have the ability to bring a more diverse slate of candidates to their clients from a much larger universe of source companies.

Winning Over Reluctant Candidates

BGI doesn’t delegate work to junior associates. Approaching top performing executives who are not in the job market requires maturity and finesse to generate the actionable interest level to pursue a new position. Less experienced and skilled associates have a much lower success rate in extracting the best and brightest.

Whatever It Takes Attitude

Boutiques form strong partnerships with their clients and are viewed as productive partners. Full commitment to the projects undertaken means a higher sense of urgency, a more thorough process, and better speed-to-completion. Your search doesn’t get lost in a bloated project list.

Single Industry Focus

Consultants at larger recruiting firms often cover the broader financial services grouping which dilutes their ability to focus on any one industry. Single industry firms like Burkholder Group are deep experts in that field. We’ve spent every work hour of every day for more than 25 years talking to insurance leaders and building our knowledge base.